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We are an easy and intuitive tool that will allow you to expand and consolidate your brand online

To register you only need to use an account linked to Google. You must enter, select the option “Register”.

You will be redirected to the registration section and you will be able to register with Google. When you press the button, the section will open for you to enter your email address.

Once you enter your data, you will be directed to the section for entering information and configuration of your store.

After you add all the information, select “Save”.
Your online store will be created and you will be able to start receiving orders from your customers.

To edit your products you have to use the Google Sheet template of your store and then replace the example product with the name, photo and price of your product.
Every store created in Listala is created with two sample sections (T-Shirts and Bags). In the template, you can modify the data with the information of your products.

In case you have chosen that your products have a photo you must upload the image to the Google Sheet template of your store or copy the link address of an online image.

Yes, you must contact support indicating the name of your business.

Yes, you must contact support indicating the name of your business.

After logging into your store administrator, you must select the button (-) located at the top right of the site, which displays the “Store Link” section.
When you select it, it will be copied to your clipboard and you will be able to share it with your customers.

To add a new section simply go to the Google Sheets template of your store and duplicate a bullet to create the new section. Then you will have to change the name and product data of the new section.

The extra sections that appear on your page are simply an example for orientation, you can modify them and/or add the sections you want.
The other bullets that appear (orders, detail, summary and configuration) are configuration and order management bullets, they should not be removed.

When you enter the details of your store you have the option to choose payment methods, if you choose Mercado Pago you will be asked to authorize Listala to manage your payments and you will be directed to the section to add your Mercado Pago account. Then you must enter your Mercado Pago account information.
If you forgot to previously configure your Mercado Pago account in Listala, you can do it through this link:

Listala does not charge commissions for the use of Mercado Pago, however Mercado Pago may charge commissions depending on the commercial agreement your business has.

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